The Present Church of 1963

In the late fifties, the then Trustees had a near unanimous vote, to build the new church, to be sited on land that had been given to the church by Mr Joseph M Tate. The Tate family have played a significant role in Providence, and therefore needs some space on its own. One of the first Trustees was James Tate, it was Joseph M. Tate, along with a friend, who built the 1886 School Building, Joseph started his own company which became J M Tate LTD, his company went on to build several Methodist Churches in the district: Hodge Hill, Kinver, Wollaston, Hasbury, Birch Coppice White Heath, Bethesda SS, the present Providence Church Hall along with several housing estates including Fatherless Barn and several Public Houses.

Joseph exchanged some houses he owned in lower Windmill Hill for five properties around the area of the 1925 building. He gave the properties to the Church with a piece of land at the rear; this land was earmarked for the new Church. In the intervening years, it had been cultivated by the Church caretaker Mr Wilfred Homer. It was not unusual in the side classroom, to hear his Pigs grunting or squealing! Joseph died around 1947.

His son David E. Tate became MD of the company, and of course was a Trustee of the Church. So, the decision  to build the new church was put to the members and approved. Architects Webb and Grey were appointed, and plans drawn and approved. Halesowen approved the Planning Permission and went further saying they would compulsory purchase the 5 properties on Windmill Hill in preparation for proposed road widening, re. housing the tenants and giving the garden area back to the Church, giving a frontage onto Windmill Hill.

A Building Fund Committee was appointed, and charged with raising the estimated cost of £16,000 pounds. The next five years saw many fund raising efforts: bazaars, concerts, gift days, knitting, and garden parties, many taking place at Whitehouse Farm. Many folk were involved, but it would be remiss not to mention two, the tireless effort of Lesley and Ruth Cole, as Building Fund Secretaries, they worked and encouraged everyone in the effort to raise the necessary amount.

Wilfred was given notice to clear the land 1961. Work began with J. M. Tate the main contractor; the opening date planned for June 1963.

Joe Knowles, Joe Trickett had both been Bricklayers on the 1925 building and were now responsible for the 1961/3 build. Caleb Worton, one of the Plasterers and a member of the church, and D. Trickett were working through a sub-contractor, installing the electrics.