The Opening

The Church opened in June 1963. At the Opening Ceremony, Miss E. M. Thompson, adopted daughter of J. M. Tate turned the key opening the doors for public worship.

The Pews were a gift from David Tate, all made in the J. M. Tate workshop.

The church went on to benefit from the generosity of the Tate family, with a substantial donation from Veronica on David’s call to higher service.

Other gifts include:
The Font from the Bloomer family in memory of their Mother Elizabeth, the oldest member who passed away just prior to the opening
2 Stainless Steel Vases from J & F Trickett and A & M Trevis
Vestry Fire from Les & Ruth Cole
Vestry Clock from D & P Trickett
Church Clock from Vera Tate
Stainless Steel  Pulpit Lectern, Crosses and HIS from Fred Willetts
Vestibule Table and Chairs from Mrs Willetts and her daugter Bernice
Pew Cushions were bought from money left to the Church by Mrs Simpson
Bible Bookmark from Granville Harris

Later gifts:
Hymns & Psalms Hymn Books from Len Penn, in memory of his wife Sally
Hymns & Psalms Choir Hymn Books from Betty Morris
Church Clock from Elsie Cartright, in memory of her husband Norman
Yamaha Piano from Veronica Tate (originally David's)
Banners from JClub
Portable Communion Set from The Reason 2011