Short History

Methodism in Colley Gate has a history spanning more than 172 years, with a small group meeting in the stables of the White Lion Pub (now The Little Chop House).  Revised  2022

The first church was opened in 1856 and affiliated to the Methodist New Connexion. LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONE OF A. NEW CHAPEL.
On Monday, September 29th, 1856 the corner-stone of a new chapel was laid at Colley Gate, Stourbridge Circuit. Considering the unfavourable state of the weather, there was a numerous and respectable attendance. Service commenced by singing the 306th hymn, read by the Rev. Wm. Reynolds. Mr. H. Mould read the 84th Psalm; and Mr. Finch, of Dudley Port, offered up an appropriate prayer. Thomas Wood, Esq., of Colley Gate House, then per- formed the ceremony of laying the stone; after which he gave the following address:-" Having been unexpectedly called upon to perform this duty, I reluctantly accepted it, knowing there were individuals to be found better adapted and more capable of performing such a ceremony. However, this important part being now done, I trust the work will prove a blessing to those who have undertaken it, as well as to the rising generation and neighbourhood at large, and we shall then have cause to rejoice and not repent of our day's proceedings. I am glad to see so many friends and neighbours, although the weather is so unfavourable; and I hope you will do the utmost, according to your means, in aiding this little Zion, and that you will all unite in giving a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull altogether, and your labours will not be in vain in the Lord."
The cost of the building will be about £270, Towards this object expenditure. upwards of £50 have been realized. But to place the trust-which is according to our model deed-in easy circumstances, it is necessary to have a much larger amount. A collection was made on the ground amounting to £6; and it was a pleasing sight to see a number of little children eagerly pressing through the crowd to place their little offerings, amounting to 8s. 4d., on the foundation-stone. Most of the friends on the spot have given beyond their means: they are still going about in all directions to enlist the sympathies of others in the good cause. In conclusion, we shall be most happy to
acknowledge the smallest contribution from any friendswho may be designs of assisting a few poor people to build a house for God. WM. REYNOLDS.
Acknowledgements  Methodist New Connextion Magazine 1856  Oxford University  Google Digital

In 1868, the first school room was built, however it soon became too small. The second school room was built in 1886 and although looking its age, is still in existence. 1925 saw the third and present school building opened. In 1927, the new building had a dual purpose, serving as Sunday School and Church. The 1856 Church was demolished in the 1960s; the site still belonging to the Methodist Church.

1963 saw the vision of the 1925 Trustees realised, with the opening of the present Providence Methodist Church. The Name Stone "Providence" from the 1856 building, was incorporated in the 1962 building.