John Wesley

In 1770, John Wesley visited Cradley, and wrote:

"Monday, 19, March 1770 - I rode to Cradley (from Wednesbury). Here also the multitude obliged me to stand abroad, although the north wind whistled about my head. About one I took the field to Stourbridge. Many of the hearers were as wild as colts untamed; but the bridle was in their mouths. At six I began in Dudley. The air was as cold as I had almost ever felt, but I trust God warmed many hearts."

He preached on the slope from Colley Lane, up to St Peters Church, an area known as Dungeon Hill. Methodism has been an influence on Cradley since Johns Wesley’s visit.

Cradley Forge,  Cradley Trinity,  Providence,  Bethesda, and although independent, both Two Gates and High Town Ragged Schools followed the Methodist form of worship.

Latterly, the independent Overend Mission became Overend Methodist Mission incorporating Bethesda, Trinity and Cradley Heath's Grangers Lane congregations.

The following pages seek to record the history of Providence in Colley Gate.