Music and The Organ

Since installing an organ was out of the question, it was envisaged that the piano in the School Room would be used in the Church. However, four Trustees had other ideas, William Gardner, Harry Mapp. Harold Rock and David Tate loaned the money to purchase an organ.

Betty Morris (the Choir Mistress), Fred Jeavons, (the Organist), with others went and saw a redundant Christie organ in a North West Cinema. They bought it for £250 and it was transported to an Organ Builder in Walsall, who rebuilt it suitable for Church use. It was installed ready for the opening.

The organ did have its problems. The company who had rebuilt it went out of business, due to changes in temperature, notes would cipher, on foggy nights, it drew so much air from outside you could see the fog coming into the church and the room temperature dropped.

The organ was taken out in 1979, and replaced with an Allen Computer Organ.

Due to the difficulty in getting acceptable Organists, for the last ten years we have resorted to a Gulbranson DH100 Digital Hymnal.