The Church Today

Along with most denominations in the Black Country, Providence has an ageing congregation, coupled with the area we are situated in and a general indifference to Church this is taking it's toll. However, we believe that if God sees a need, then we shall remain a presence as we have done for 155 years.

Of course there has to be change, and whether this has been soon enough or big enough time will tell.

Providence has not stood still; to list all the changes in the Church would fill the web page. You will be pleased to know that's not my intention!

Although it is small in number, we still have a Sunday School. It is now called J Club, which consists of Little Js, Big Js and J2Go.

A couple of our latest additions are No Strings Attatched and previous Cafe Worship, which rather than being a Preaching Service, is interactive.

Our Morning Worship still continues, starting at 10:20. Our evening congregation has merged with our morning congregation, when on Sunday Aug 27th 2017, w e held our last evening service.Joyce Adams lead our worship, 20 people attended, with members taking part reading their chosen Bible reading, and choosing their hymn along with why they had chosen them.

If you live in the locally or are just visiting the area, you are very welcome to join us, whether it be for our Sunday Worship or any of our groups.

You have read the History, and now you are invited to shape the future.