Minister's Message February 25th 2024

Dear Circuit Family

As Lent begins in earnest, I was struck by the Bible Reading we considered this week in our Bible Study Group.  Luke 11:24-26 is a tiny parable, that I think I have skipped over in the past, because I didn't understand it! If you read it, it basically says: if an unclean spirit goes out of you, it wonders around and not finding anywhere to go returns to you and finding its home still empty it goes and brings seven other spirits worse than itself, to enter and live in you!

How strange! And then I turned to my wonderful Barclay commentary which I first bought as a local preacher, and he says this: it is a fundamental truth that you cannot leave a person's soul empty. It is not enough to banish the evil thoughts and habits of our old ways and then leave the soul empty. An empty soul is a soul in peril. It is not enough to drive out evil, good must come in its place.
As we practice many and various traditions of giving something up for Lent, we are affectively making space in our lives – the question is what for?  David Adam, the well-known Christian writer, says that in Lent he always asks people; what are you doing with the time you have created? 
In other word how might we this Lent, do something good in the place of the things we give up?  And if you have given up eating something, could you consider donating the value of that to some good cause?
May your Lent Spirit be filled with goodness.
Every blessing
Rev Alan