Today’s activities can be found in detail on other pages, suffice to say that without those early pioneers and the many along the way, then we would not be witnessing today the abundance of activities we have.

Our Sunday Evening Worship is the end of an era!  On Sunday 27th August 2017, Providence held its last evening service. It is with regret, that due to declining attendance, the Church Council had made the decision to make this the final evening service. Joyce Adams lead our worship, 20 people attended with members taking part reading their chosen Bible reading, choosing their hymn along with why they had chosen them.

Since 1850, there has been an unbroken chain of 167 years of Sunday Evening Worship. Records show that a group met under the Methodist Banner in 1850, with three meetings each Sunday. 1856 saw the first purpose built Church, with Morning and Evening Worship.

For what the future holds, I don’t know but what I do know is that I am prepared to leave the future in the hands of our Father.