Prayer and Reflections February 21st

                                                    Sunday’s Virtual Services                                                                                                           10:30    Mr Martyn Filsak                                                                                                               6:30    Revd Alan                                                                               


Lord God Thank you that you remain constant with us through all the changing scenes of life. Help us to trust you in times of joy and in sorrow. Be our shepherd in the darkness and in the light, so that we might be living beacons of hope for others
In Jesus name we pray   Amen


I seem to keep hearing about bricks, stones and building blocks.
Recently Helen spoke about bricks.     The other week my daily notes talked about bricks.     Quite often when I am walking around I see piles of bricks outside people's houses.     It seems to me that since we have all had to stay at home and not spend our money on holidays, lots of people have decided to have work done at home.
This week on Songs of Praise, which was also the finale of Gospel Singer of the Year, a young man sang about building his life on the Rock.     I listened to a podcast from Lifecentral church, where Leon Evans was speaking.    He talked about Jesus being the Cornerstone.     So I Googled the word 'Cornerstone' and found that it is the most important and basic part of a building.
Provided the cornerstone is solid the rest of the building will be straight and true.    In Peter  chapter 2  he tells us that Jesus is the rock on which the entire structure of Christianity stands.
The cornerstone needs to be perfectly placed.     Often at the laying down of the cornerstone there was a celebration, because it was such an important part of the building.
So it seems to me that if Jesus is the cornerstone on which our lives are built, then we are the building blocks.
Bricks can provide shelter and protection 
  They can build a bridge, be useful or act as a stumbling block.
We may be the only Jesus that some folk see.
Jesus changed Simon's name which meant 'reed; to Peter, which means 'Rock'
How about us?     Are we like Peter was in the beginning, a reed easily swayed and buffeted about, or can we become like Peter was later on and become a rock.    Someone with a strong firm faith, that others can depend and rely on.
I really do want to be 'A chip off the old block'.......How about you?

Reflection Derek  The Daffodils Last Friday Pauline bought a bunch of flowers, on our return she put them in a vase and put them on the hearth  in front of where I sit. They looked like green stems with a little bit of swelling on the top, I thought !  not very nice to look at all the time.   I then went to bed I got up next morning one of the bulbs  was showing a bit of yellow, during the day more yellow, when I got up the next morning it had opened out into a beautiful daffodil the others in the vase were showing some yellow, all this because Pauline had put some water in the vase.  I then looked at the flowers all fully open and looked at my life, my Dad had put me in a vase when I was 3 the vase being Providence Sunday School, I then looked at all the people and the occasions that had made me what I am today. Sunday School teachers, Leaders, Stewards, Ministers and Friends, when I was around 14 15 16 we had a very lively group of young folk only two of us left now, Barbara and myself, all because my Dad put me in the vase.   The church has been the vase. The love of God, his Son and the Holy Spirit,  the water . Not as beautiful as the daffodil but hope that I have left my mark somewhere along the way   Thank you Mom and Dad for putting me in the vase 82 years ago The daffodils will die, so shall I, the daffodils bought me pleasure, for me I'll leave for others  

Reflection Matthew 25:31-46 The reading talks about helping those in need.  By helping those in need we are sharing the love and good news of Jesus with other people.  By doing this we are enabling others to come to know him for themselves. In the midst of the pandemic it can be difficult to know how we can help others at the moment. Verse 40 of our reading says this “And the king will answer them, “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.”  Perhaps at the moment we can help others by donating food, or clothes or just simply phoning someone up for a chat. All these ways of helping others enable us to do what he asked us to do and to share the love and good news of Jesus which is needed more than ever at the moment. Prayer In this time of Lent may we share your love with others. Help us to show them who you are that they may discover you for themselves. Amen.          From S t F service Original Materials by Rebekah Fairhurst, Bolton Methodist Mission